Weekly Report: Week 1 Goal Report and Week 2 Goals

Well hello there. Yeah I know, I’m a bit behind. No surprise there. Was going to write my weekly report on Sunday, but you know. Life. Anyway. 

So I suppose you’re wondering how I did with my last week’s goals. Well I am saddened to say that I only got half of them completed. I got my resume revised, signed up at Planet Fitness with Jeffry, wrote my weekly post for Simon’s thing, watched more than 7 episodes of stuff (finished iZombie and watched a couple episodes of Arrow and Demon King Daimao), got my finance spreadsheet sorted, and cleaned up most of my email. I didn’t get to game an hour each day, but I did play a little bit. Better than nothing. Like how I didn’t get a word of writing done. *sigh* Also, I did work out 3 times, so almost completed that one. 

As for the job, that one worked out much differently than I wanted. I was fully intent on starting the quitting process for my current job, but the internship won’t turn into a real job until at the earliest next month and it will only be part-time (not that I’m complaining). I supposedly had a position as a personal trainer, but so far no word from them. Since I am sadly responsible, I cannot quit until I have something lined up. Ugh. But yesterday I interviewed with Lifetime Fitness and should hear back today whether we move forward or not. Fingers crossed.

Now to the upcoming week. It may already be wednesday, but that makes no difference. I need to catch up so my goals this week are going to reflect that.

Week 3 – Jan 18 – 24

  1. Write 100 words a day 
  2. Revise my cover letter
  3. Work out at least 4 days
  4. Write 2 book reviews (to make up for last week)
  5. Write post for Simon’s thing
  6. Minimum of 7 hours of gaming
  7. Celebrate our 6 month anniversary 😉
  8. Watch at least 7 episodes of my shows
  9. Write up an episode list to keep track of progress

Alright. So this weeks goals shouldn’t be an issue. Just gotta combat my distractibility so I can be proud of next week’s weekly report 😉

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