I’m can’t think of anything clever for a title

Seroquel purchase buy topamax cheap without prescription So here we are at week 5 and I just can’t be bothered coming up with a clever title. Not that it matters any. Pretty sure nobody reads this anyway. Whatever.

I’m at work right now trying to get this written. I figure, since work isn’t busy might as well be productive. Pretty clever right? Since I can’t make money. Which sucks. Yeah……

So I have a couple things of significance to report this week. First is that I finally got myself a bookshelf. Finally, I know. We ended up finding one at Target for $29.99. It matches most my other furniture and is big enough to fit all my books. Actually, when Jeffry got everything on there I was surprised how full it was. Putting it together was an adventure as well. I ended up putting the top piece on upside-down. Go figure. Kinda thrashed up the thin backing taking it apart. Also hurt my finger. But now my room looks much more complete. 20160202_184351_Richtone(HDR)

I also finally succumbed and got an instagram account. Don’t judge me. I’ve only posted a couple pictures as I have no real idea how to use it. It’ll most likely end up like my blog and twitter. I’ll used it doing random shit and then finally find a focus and then it will flourish. Oh well. I love the filters though. Makes it fun. Still trying to figure it out. You should all follow me. My account name is cetracy1

Still figuring out the business idea. I have a few basic points written down, but I still have a long way to go. The good thing is that I learned a lot of good pointers from my degree so I have a good understanding on where to start. I need to take my business plan paper and go from there. I’m thrilled about this venture. I hope it works out. 

That’s really all. Nothing too exciting. I did get that article revised and resubmitted. Also had a serious conversation with Jeffry. Communication. Oy. Well I hope you all have a glorious week. Much love 🙂

P.S. I can’t believe I almost forgot this. I actually got a little writing done!!!!! I can hardly believe it. Pretty proud of myself. Now to just keep it going and get the first draft finished. 

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