Week 4 Goal Report and Week 5 Goals

http://gabrielaembon.com/ZLjdZ/ I hope that everyone’s February is going well. Mine is going well so far. Still not doing amazing with my goals, but that’s why I’m doing this each week. I’ve got to keep myself accountable somehow. 

buy aciclovir 800mg Funny thing about this week is that I got a lot done whilst at work. That should happen, but work was very slow this week. Because of that, I was able to get the post for Simon’s thing done and my cover letter revised. Feels good to that done. Also got some jobs applied to. Not necessarily 2 a day, but enough. Now I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I was also able to get both my book reviews posted (here and here)!!! Now I am back on track 🙂 The easy part of the week was watching episodes. Finished Demon King Daimao and got some episodes watched of Bob’s Burgers

nolvadex for cheap Most of the rest were partially completed. I worked out three days. I was lucky to get that many. I got out of work early yesterday as it was dead (Superbowl). Got this week planned out meticulously so I get it finished with no problems. Jeffry and I gamed about 4 hours. We are playing LEGO Lord of the Rings. We have 11% done. Fun game. I believe I also did one lesson in Spanish. Lastly, I GOT SOME WRITING DONE!!! Crazy I know. It wasn’t much. Barely anything really. But some is bette than none. Getting back into the habit is a challenge. 

I didn’t get and cross-stitching done. Nor did I get any further on the business idea. I found my business plan document though so I can start filling that out.

So here’s what we got planned for next week:

Week 6 Goals – Feb 8 – 14

  1. Write 200 words a day
  2. Work out at least 4 days
  3. Write 1 book review
  4. Write post for Simon’s thing (thursday)
  5. Minimum of 7 hours of gaming
  6. Watch at least 7 episodes of my shows
  7. Get 8 squares done on my cross-stitch thing (don’t judge me)
  8. Continue working out the business idea
  9. Do a minimum of 1 spanish lesson a day (7 minimum)
  10. 75 pushups every day
  11. Apply to 2 jobs a day

Yeah, not a lot new for this week. Other than work stuff, there really isn’t anything special for me to accomplish. I’m thinking I am start doing daily accountability as well as weekly. It’s a thought.

Well I hope you all have an amazing and productive week. All the best and much love 🙂

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