A Tip for Staying Motivated

If you are like me, or really almost anybody, keeping motivated can sometimes be a problem. I come up with really good ideas and I start working on them…….and then I lose steam and they never get finished. Currently, I need a kick in the pants to finish my second book, continue with my business, and even work on this website!!! I have come up with many goals this month (read this to know what those things are) and so far I am lagging behind. What can I do?!

As I was on the train to work this afternoon, I stumbled upon an email titled ‘How to Stay Motivated at the Gym’ from John Romaniello. While the email is geared for retaining motivation in the gym (clearly), there is one line that is applicable to any aspect of life: ‘It’s been shown that adding a deadline or time limit to anything helps people take action and be more productive.

At the minute, I am writing this on my lunch break. I have 60 minutes to eat and do whatever else I can. Today, that is write this post. My motivation comes from my goal to write 4 posts a month, and the realisation that I am a bit late with that goal. Because of this, I had to make a sacrifice. I could either go to the gym on my break, or take this hour and use it to the fullest. I can always do pushup, situps, and more once I get home. But as I am usually mentally exhausted after work, sitting down to write even a short post is not likely to happen.

Setting deadlines feels like a great way to increase, and maintain, motivation. It is also quite easy for me to get distracted. A deadline should help to keep me focused. We all have the desire to succeed, but sometimes we need something to help us keep moving forward. If you need some more motivation, here’s this. It contains five simple steps to be more productive:

  • 1. Write it down
  • 2. Wake up earlier
  • 3. Create a “no think” system
  • 4. Foster Accountability
  • 5. Create a perfect day

I wish you all the best on your quest to be more motivated. It won’t be the easiest journey, but when you look back and see all you’ve been able to do, you will be glad you did. All the best 🙂

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