The Fallen Resurrection

Centuries before the flood of Noah, fallen angels roamed the earth. Outcast from heaven, these beings were sentenced to watch over man and protect them, but they didn’t. Instead they lusted after the daughters of man, inflicting a plague of their descendants, the Nephilim, upon the inhabitants of the earth. While the flood was primarily intended to punish the wicked people, it was also a tool to rid the world of these abominations. As further punishment the angels were stripped of their immortality. One by one they were hunted until they were nothing but a memory thought of when their legend was told. But memory has a funny way of resurfacing.

In the 21st century, the legend of the fallen angel has become less than a blip on the pages of history. People no longer believed that such creatures could ever exist. Especially Tyler. Tyler Morris is an aspiring geneticist. He believes nothing unless it can be scientifically explained. His twin brother Mark on the other hand is obsessed with the supernatural. Nothing could have ever caused him to consider what interested his brother as real until a legendary figure arrives. Found in an unmarked caving system, four hikers discover the body of a fallen angel. Try as he might, Tyler will not let himself believe that such a creature actually exists. Even with the knowledge of its presence at his University, he still disregards its importance. It’s not until his brother does the unthinkable that Tyler’s eyes are opened. Mark injects Tyler with a genetic cocktail containing the fallen angel DNA. The resulting transformation into the resurrected fallen angel forever changes the lives of both of them.

With the resurrection of the fallen angel, the world will either be saved or let be destroyed. In the Temple of the Fallen, hidden somewhere in the world, lies the biblical flaming sword. To keep it’s location safe, the seven pieces of the key were hidden in random holy sites around the world. The first stop on their journey is Mount Shasta in California. Here they learn how difficult their journey will be. But the angel is not the only person searching for them. Racing against them is a dark organization called ‘The League of the Damned.’ They are bent on saving the world in order to control it. But they aren’t the worst threat. The world is being thrown in chaos by the sudden arrival of supernatural beings claiming to be the embodiments of the horsemen of the apocalypse. Time is of the essence as the world slowly crumbles and armies are formed for the one final epic battle to determine the fate of the world.