Tyler and Mark Morris

Tyler and Mark Morris were born and raised in Boston.  They are twin brothers that couldn’t be more different had they been mere siblings.  They were born minutes apart, but they had never been close.  Facially they resembled each other, but everything about them, from their hair and eyes to their personalities, was different.

Tyler is the older of the brothers.  He is the more rational one.  Everything has a logical explanation.  Despite believing in God, everything a person attains in life can be attributed to their own work or the workings of someone else.  To him there was no such thing as the supernatural.  Myths, magic and the like were simple tools to help divert a persons mind from reality.  They were never based on fact.

Mark surrounded himself with objects of the fantastical kind.  He was drawn to anything mystical or otherworldly.  He hated normality.  Normalcy was boring.  He would have preferred having some sort of power or at least lived in a world were such things existed.  He was the type of person that would create epic costumes for comic con or movie premiers.  He also had a secret stash of action figures from various films, cartoons and RPGs.

In regards to their physical appearance, Tyler has those all-American good lucks, wavy sandy blonde hair, deep blue eyes, evenly tanned fair skin, nicely built, with a smile that can make the most hardened feminist’s heart melt.  Mark had a more smouldering look about him.  He had jet-black hair, emerald green eyes, slightly leaner than his brother but still well built, and had a look made people feel awkward.  Mark also had tanned skin, but because of his hair, he always looked unnaturally pale.  While Tyler’s smile made people melt, Mark’s smouldering stare brought out a more carnal desire, which is why people felt awkward.  Both boys used this attraction to the max.  Tyler could have any girl he wanted, which he did.  Mark manipulated people to his own secretive end.  They both may be highly attractive, but that doesn’t mean they are the best of humanity.

Both boys are very smart.  Tyler was more rounded in his knowledge.  He was an active athlete in high school and belonged to many academic clubs.  Mark could care less about sports.  Though people wouldn’t believe it, he was smarter than Tyler.  He’d belonged to a handful of clubs, academic and personal interest, but largely kept himself from the typical high school scene.  Even with his full extracurricular schedule, Tyler graduated in the top tier of his class.  Mark just managed to stay afloat.  He never turned in homework, barely made it to class, but somehow was able to excel on the tests.  This is why people wouldn’t believe him to be the smarter of the two.  He lacked common sense, the aspect most people attribute to being smart.  Even after he showed up at the University where Tyler studied, he still functioned the same, albeit attendance didn’t could against him as much.

Differences between siblings is normal.  No personality in a family is exactly the same.  There are many similarities, but no one is be the same.  The only similarities the brothers have is that they are clean freaks, and have a small case of OCD.  Otherwise they are completely different in every way but their faces.  Most siblings begin to notice these differences when they start school and begin developing relationships with other people.  Not them.  Tyler had developed an arrogance early on towards his brother when they were children.  He sensed an awkwardness in his brother that he couldn’t stand.  Plus he detested the way Mark went on about certain cartoons and video games like they were real.  Sure he enjoyed watching cartoons, but he felt superior to his brother because he truly believed Mark lived in some deluded fantasy world.  Before long, Tyler was treating his brother like he was beneath him.  What made matters worse was that people always referred to Mark as Tyler’s younger brother.  It infuriated Mark but amused Tyler.   All Mark could do was accept and deal with it.  He tried to build a relationship with Tyler, but Tyler never wholly reciprocated the effort.  He mostly just brushed his brother off like a speck of dust in his otherwise perfect life.

What Tyler didn’t know was that Mark had a dark side.  How Tyler felt was always worn on his sleeve.  Mark kept his true emotions hidden.  He made Tyler think that he was not as smart, that he lived in a fantasy world, but that wasn’t true.  Even as they got older and he surrounded himself with what his family termed an unhealthy crowd, he wasn’t doing it to rebel or seem like the problem child they believed him to be.  He was doing it to satisfy a craving he’d had since he was a child: for the world to know once and for all that he was the better of the two.  Mark was calculated and devious.  He never pushed people to hurt themselves, but he had a knack for manipulating people to believe he cared enough about them that they would want to do it out of their own free will.  He toyed with their carnal attraction to satisfy whatever plans he had.  There were some that he truly did care about.  Those he never used or manipulated.  This small cluster of people he protected.  They were his family.  The rest of them were fair game.