Sometimes the Perfect Day Isn’t Exactly…….Perfect.

I have a problem. A serious one. One that keeps me from being happy with my life. I live with the misguided belief that every second of every day needs to be productive or else I have wasted that time. That my day wasn’t…..perfect. But that’s wrong. I have so much that I want/need to get done, that allowing myself down time, or to take longer on some projects, frustrates me. And these are my days off where I should be relaxing!

So I was standing in the kitchen, washing dishes, and I was thinking about my day thus far. I started to feel upset for having wasted time when I stopped. I had an epiphany. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wasting time. There is nothing wrong with taking longer on a project than expected. Nor is there anything wrong with taking some time to relax. I don’t need to fill every second of every time productively for the day to be perfect. As I sat there recalling my day with this new thought, I realised my day was quite wonderful. I had accomplished so much and deserved to be proud of myself.

Now the question comes, what makes the perfect day? For me, it’s when I’m making progress. If I do anything that day the moves me forward, it has been a good day. For instance. On the day I had these thoughts, there was a lot I had planned. I didn’t get all of it done, but I did get quite a lot. I played some video game, worked out, washed the dishes, worked on a puzzle, and did some laundry. Each one of those moved me forward in some way. Now, there were moments when I wasn’t doing anything productive. But that’s fine. We all deserve unproductive moments. It keeps us sane. But for me they are hard to have.

So in 2018, I commit myself to not stress out when I am being unproductive. I will embrace them. In small doses. And then get back to being productive again. I don’t expect it to be easy. But as long as I remember that it’s ok, I think I’ll be fine.

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