Sacrifice: What are you willing to give up?

Today I had an important conversation with Jeffry. Surprisingly, it wasn’t because something bad happened. I prefaced it with asking him if he ever felt as if he wasn’t where he wanted to be. Did it frustrate him? I then asked what he was willing to sacrifice to get where he wanted to be (figuratively and literally). You see, we have a lot coming up over the next year/year and a half. Some things are going to require a lot of sacrifice, while others not so much. The challenge is decided what you are willing to do without.

To start off, we have been talking for some time about moving. Originally, it was me talking about it. Then it turned into we. Jeffry hates living in NYC. He really wants to leave. Honestly, I can’t blame him. It is not an easy city to live in. It hasn’t been the easiest for me either albeit on a smaller scale. I came here for a career and haven’t found it yet. Now, I’m not complaining. I’ve very grateful to have a job that isn’t Buffalo Wild Wings. But Burberry isn’t my dream job. Nor a career. So we have decided to move (likely to Miami). We have until the end of next year to save up enough money to do so. We now need to decide what we are willing to sacrifice to get ourselves financially ready to move.

Moving is our big plan, but not the only one. Jeffry wants a better job. He wants to travel. He has goals of his own. I want to start a business. And finish book 2. And be caught up with all the little tasks I have. I want to be debt free. And so much more. If any of these things are going to see the light of day, we are both going to have to sacrifice a lot. And I am ok with that. I believe he is too. Either way, it’s necessary. You have to work hard and give up some things in order to succeed. I’m going to have to use my time more wisely. I’ve already limited my facebook usage as a start. Now I need to set aside segments of time for planning, for writing, for networking (if able), for research, and so on.

All this talk of sacrifice is great, but the real test will be whether or not I can maintain this drive. I notoriously give up when I hit a roadblock. Well, more like I lose steam. I would love to have anyone message me periodically to ask how my progress is going. I also love hearing about other peoples success. Sure it sometimes makes me a bit jealous, but I support you nonetheless. Your success gives me hope and motivation. With any luck, by the end of the year I will have accomplished a lot. Cheers and much love 🙂

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  1. I remember years ago you and I had a similar conversation and we promised each other to help keep the other on track. That lasted all of………………………….two weeks, wasn’t it? lol. I keep meaning to write down and work on my goals. I’ve been super depressed the last couple months and haven’t been able to motivate myself to do much. I did, though, get most of my Bahamas photos edited. Troy’s company requested we send our photos in to be distributed throughout the company and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get my name out there, so I edited and edited and edited. Turned the last of the photos in last night, all with my logo on them. Of course, I still have a ton of photos left from the trip, but I got a bulk done.

    I’m going to do better and I want to help you do better. I really admire you and all of the drive you have. And I really appreciate you pushing me to do better. I’m terrified of being in London by myself for a few days, but I’m also excited. I’m not so scared about exploring the city, more getting lost and sleeping in a strange place alone. Sometimes I wake up too scared to move or breath and that’s just in my own apartment. I’m so scared of being asleep in a place with strangers. But I’m doing it. Not sure I’ll sleep those first few nights, but I know I’ll survive. This is my first big step into taking a trip on my own.


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