How does one calm the mind?

Since it is quite slow at work, I decided to google how to calm the mind. This isn’t the first time I’ve googled this. In the last couple few weeks, this has come across my mind a few times. Anyone who (really) knows me knows I am constantly on the go. I hate being idle. Naturally, I am dating someone quite the opposite. And I realise that it is something I struggle with. Especially in regards to my mental health. Stress has been tearing me down a lot lately. The article I found (click here) highlighted so many things I do and need to stop/lessen.

One of the biggest indicators that something was wrong is my habit of focusing on negative and fictitious situations. Most of the time, I have ridiculous irrational thoughts. I told Jeffry a couple days ago that I had hyped myself up to be disappointed when I got home. I had gone over a scenario in my mind and rather than imagine something positive, I went automatically to the negative. And I was wrong. I have no idea why I allow myself to do that?

This morning, I asked Jeffry to ‘please be productive.’ The article highlighted the expression “time is money.” I hate wasting time. There is always something I could (and should) be doing. That is how my brain thinks. I cannot allow for downtime. I have so many goals and things I want to accomplish that wasting time bothers me. Even now, I am making sure I don’t waste my lunch hour. Wasting time isn’t always a bad thing. How do you remember to remember that though?

After all the prelude, how does you calm an overactive mind? While it would benefit you to read the whole article, I will simply paraphrase the 12 points:

12 Steps to calm the mind

1. Eliminate the clutter
2. Stop watching TV
3. Meditate
4. Remove the ego
5. Your body is your temple
6. Exercise
7. Escape time
8. Have fun!
9. Release the need to control everything
10. Start a journal and/or dream journal
11. Live in the “now”
12. Connect with nature

In all honesty, I’m not doing great on any of these.

My brain is so cluttered and want to cry sometimes (with real tears). I don’t watch much TV, but we do watch Netflix and movies almost every night. I want to start meditating. Well, do yoga. Same thing right? I have mentioned it to Jeffry a couple times. We just need to start. I don’t believe I have a big ego, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t work on being more empathetic. We have very bad with our eating and exercise for the last month or so. I have a possible runway show in a month and if I want to really do the modelling thing, I gotta start stepping it up.

Having fun shouldn’t be something I struggle with, but it is. I am so focused on my many ambitions that having fun has definitely fallen to the wayside. My biggest issue is the need to control everything. I even try to control how Jeffry does things. No bueno. Starting a journal is actually not a bad idea. I used to do one a few years ago. I try to live in the now, but it’s hard no to dwell on what has been or what will be. And we could really do better with connecting to nature. We don’t.

All in all, there is a lot I can do to calm my mind. Tons. Well, my lunch hour has come to an end and so this must as well. If you have an overactive mind as well, I recommend reading the article. I truly feel like I can do what it recommends doing. Well, I wish you all the best. Much love 🙂

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