Life happens when you least expect it

buy isotretinoin in australia where can i buy prednisolone tablets for dogs in the uk Well hello life. Started this a couple days ago and am only know getting to it. Funny thing is, I’ll likely end up finishing it tomorrow. I’ll let you, dear reader, know when I finish.

So life has had a funny way of not going my way recently. Not to say that it ever really has. One might say that life isn’t seemingly fond of being nice to me when I want it to be. It just does it’s own thing until at some point in the future I realise why things turned out the way they did. Not ideal, but you typically don’t care when you realise how great things turned out.

That being said, I am still stuck at my night job (name not mentioned for obvious reasons). That wonderful interview I had at gym turned into nothing. The lady didn’t even call me back. I had to talk to another manager to finally get some form of response. I get that we had a blizzard over the weekend, but the interview was on tuesday and I called you thursday before the storm. So yeah. Oh well right. The awesome thing is that Jeffry got a job. 

Something cool that did happen this last week was I got to write a piece for the print magazine at my internship!!! Clearly I’m excited. The topic was emotional intelligence (see my post on the topic here). Such a fascinating subject. Since writing the piece, I have been trying to better my self-control. It isn’t easy. It requires serious determination. That’s not surprising though. Anything for a person’s benefit takes hard work. That’s life.


Lastly, we celebrated 6 months together. It’s funny how time flies. We spent our half-year anniversary chilling during the blizzard. We got caught up on AHS season 3, played some video game, watched a movie, and made kung pao chicken (which was amazing). It was the ideal anniversary, but we enjoyed. And sorry for the upside-down picture. Stupid thing won’t stay fixed.

Well, life has clearly has a few things in store for me. I’m only going to slightly mention the current business idea I have. I’ve already talked to a few people about it and had positive responses. I just need to do more research and planning before I start posting about it. It’s going to be awesome though.

Well I hope everyone is having an amazing 2016. January is officially over. Have a fantastic February. Much love 🙂

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