Excuses: Setting Yourself Up for Failure

http://kbsurf.com/mybeafter.php When I was growing up, a common saying was ‘Excuses are like buttholes. Everybody has one and they stink.’ This is so true. All too often, we make up excuses for why we haven’t achieved our goals instead of owning up to the real reason(s) why. I read an article this morning listing the top 5 excuses.

http://craigharline.com/about/ Excuse number 1 is one I personally struggle with: I’m not ready. This is true especially regarding my business. I feel I need to do more research rather than just jumping in. I want to feel ready, but how often is anyone truly ready to move forward? The answer is never. No one is ever truly ready. We would like to be, but there is so much to learn, now and in the future, that true readiness is impossible. Life is a continual learning process. Sometimes jumping into the unknown is exactly what you need to truly move forward.

can you buy Keppra over the counter in the uk Excuse number 2 is a tough one to overcome. It involves the part of you that says I’m not good enough. We will all feel inadequate at times, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Understanding your weaknesses gives you the chance to grow and make yourself stronger. Use those moments as teaching moments. As article author Susie Moore wrote about that little voice, ‘Don’t let the volume get too loud, OK?’

The third excuse is another one I’m guilty of saying: But you need to….. Currently, I am dipping my feet into the world of modelling. I have been told by many people that it is a career I should pursue. I never did because I didn’t have the correct body for it. Well I still don’t. It’s getting there though. But models just need to be in good shape. They don’t need broad chests and chiselled abs. The world of modelling is changing to include humans of all shapes and looks. While I know my body isn’t there just yet, I am no longer letting that stop me from trying. The status quo isn’t the catch-all, but rather an excuse.

Excuse number 4 is one that has cost me many things and opportunities: I’ll do it when….. I recently told my boyfriend I’d start baking more once he had a job. I’ve told myself I’ll continue writing when I get caught up with blog posts. I’ll continue with the business once I gain more knowledge. On and on I use this excuse. Today I told my boyfriend that I am so far behind on my goals. Can you guess why? All of us have long lists of goals, but we shouldn’t sacrifice spending time on them until other ones are done. That tactic only pushes them further and further down the list. Like my second book taking more than 4 years to get written (and counting). Be clever. There are always ways to spend time on each goal.

The fifth and final excuse I’m guilty of as well: Yeah, but….. I get it. We all want to solve our own issues. But no one has perfect knowledge. I certainly don’t. More times than I can count, a friend has given me some great suggestions as we discussed my hangups. Talking it out with someone is a great way to move forward, but only if you are willing to accept the help. It doesn’t make you less capable. We are all on this journey together. Be open to help.

In addition to these excuses, I have a personal one. I am afraid of success. It has never stopped me, but it does slow me down. Being comfortable in your current life makes moving forward difficult. I know I have goals, but at times I don’t have the drive, or sometimes the daunting reality of what my success would mean holds me back. I need to look forward to change. Accept the inevitability of change. Nothing is meant to stay the same.

We all have hangups and road blocks keeping us from our goals. We need to start taking responsibility of our future and stop letting our excuses hold us back. That is why I am sitting alone in my bedroom instead of being in the living room with my boyfriend. I am taking control and limiting my distractions (another excuse). Recognise what your excuses are toss them in the trash. You’ve got this. Good luck to you all!!! 🙂

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