Commit To Something: My Struggle with Distraction

I want to talk a little about my struggle with distraction. Before that I need to lead up to why. Today I questioned my commitment. This afternoon I received a phone call from Equinox. I had applied there last week for a personal trainer position. I am excited to say I have an interview tomorrow. I tweeted at Equinox about it and received this reply:

Commit To Something
This kind of surprised me. Like they were saying I lacked commitment or something. I resolved to not let it bother me, but it ate at me a little. What did they mean? Why would they make such a comment? What I hadn’t noticed yet was their motto. Their company motto is in their thumbnail image: Commit To Something. You can’t see that in a text notification. While I’m grateful I didn’t overreact, it did get me thinking. How committed am I?

If I answered this truthfully, I would likely be disappointed. I don’t believe I am as much as I would like to be. My heart is committed. My body is committed. Even my soul is committed. Just my brain doesn’t seem to be. I have so many things I want to accomplish and yet I am so ridiculously distracted all the time. For instance. I should be at the gym right now. Instead I let myself be distracted and not have time for it. I should be done with my internship work already, but I’m not. And that’s just today. Most days turn out the same. I feel motivated in the morning, but by the afternoon I become sluggish and nothing gets done. All because of my distraction. I am disappointed in myself. 

So what happens now? The first step is recognising there’s a problem. Next step is overcoming the problem. My problem is distraction. But how do you get over being distracted? Because it is the internet that distracts me. Largely Facebook. And this isn’t the first time I’ve had this discussion. At least not so publicly. And again I was distracted. It really is a problem. So here’s my proposition. Starting from this moment, for every time I go to Facebook for no good reason I have to do 20 pushups. That is something I can commit to. It’s a win to stop going on Facebook, but if I do it’s a win helping me be physically active. 

This is just one step in helping me lessen my distraction. First Facebook, and then other sites. Distancing myself from the website (without the drastic measure of removing my account) will give me more time and keep me from visiting other distracting sites linked from there. It really is a win-win. 

What are your thoughts? How do you keep yourself from being distracted? Tell me below. All the best 🙂

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