April: Making the most of it!

This month, April, marks 2 years of living here in NYC. Things haven’t necessarily gone as expected, but I have survived here none the less. Despite being in a better place that 2 years ago, I have not accomplished many, if any, of the things I have wanted to do. And I mean nothing. Sure I have saved money and am better of financially, but that’s about it.

A couple days ago, I realised I had become very lax in making and keeping any kind of goals. It is no wonder I hadn’t accomplished anything. I had been focusing more on surviving and less on finishing things I had started. I had even stopped pursuing any kind of career. Plus, being in a relationship has pushed my priorities slightly elsewhere. I then read in an article about how couples shouldn’t do everything together. And so I have decided to start taking time to do things for myself.

So, in order to rectify my lack of goal keeping, I took a strip of receipt paper while at work and wrote down the things I wanted to accomplish in April. Some will be quite easy while others will be somewhat more difficult. For you to understand what I mean, here is the list:

April Goals

1. Email a company about copyright questions
2. Write 40000 words
3. Apply to 50 jobs
4. Read 8 manga
5. Write one blog post a week (4) (website)
6. Write two blog posts (personal blog)
7. Read 2 books (minimum)
8. Transfer $400 to savings

As you can see, at least 3 of them will be easy to finish (4, 7, 8). The other 5 will require a bit more work. But if I am diligent and consistent, the April will be the start of something amazing!

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