And Another Week Goes Quickly By

You try to keep to a schedule, but I’ll be damned if life just doesn’t want to play nicely. I’m only a day behind this week so I guess I can’t complain too much. 

I was hoping that this post would have a few juicy bits to relay, but alas tis not so. Not that this past week has been lacking in things to report. Just not the end results.

This week has had two highlights. The first happened on tuesday. As most my friends know, last June I earned my personal training certification. Yay me. I love fitness and was encouraged to become a personal trainer so to be more of an inspiration to people. So I did. That was the easy part. Getting a personal training job is not so easy. Then again, that is the case with any job worth having in the USA. Needless to say, I had an interview with Lifetime Fitness this week. Now I have been trying to score an interview with them since 2011 so I am beyond excited. I feel that the interview went fantastic and I am sure I scored some major brownie points with them. Still waiting on the call though. Should have heard from them on wednesday, called and left a message yesterday, and am anxiously waiting by my phone for them to call. I just hope it doesn’t turn into another New York Sports Club experience where they never call back despite saying they will. I just want to know one way or the other what the verdict is. I’m holding on to the belief that they are just waiting for the person who does the second interview to get back with them. I feel hopeful (which Jeffry can confirm is not a typical reaction for me). So fingers crossed.

The second highlight of the week happened on wednesday night. We were heading to the gym after a disappointing trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (my fault) when Jeffry spotted a punching bag just lying at the side of the road. It’s a common occurrence to see items placed by the curb for anyone to take, but this was a first seeing a punching bag. We had a great workout and on the way back we looked for it but didn’t see it. We got to the metro station and I wanted to continue walking in case we had seen it between the two stops (as we couldn’t remember exactly where it had been). Sure enough, it was still there. The bag is still in great condition and I could see no reason why it would be thrown out. Well one person’s loss is another man’s gain and now I have a punching bag!!! 12565354_10153891999401310_5113038502895628271_n

That’s really it for this week. Of course next week should definitely have a few juicy details to report. Got our 6-month anniversary, a potential new job, and a supposed massive storm over the weekend. All the best. Much love and have an amazing week :)

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