To My Amazing Mom: I Love You

Me and my beautiful mama 🙂

Nearly 35 years ago, I was blessed with the privilege to be born to my mom. And with Mother’s Day having been over a week ago (I’m terrible I know), I figured I should tell some of the reasons why she is so wonderful.

My mom is patient. I am quite a handful. Always have been. Whether I am needing to be the center of attention, or simply moving to the beat of my own drum, my mom doesn’t get too horribly impatient. She deals with me because she loves me. And she loves when I’m happy. Even when it drives her crazy.

My mother acknowledges her faults. She never pretends to be perfect (like so many people do). And even more than this, I love that she tries, and wants, to make up for past wrongs. This is beautiful in my eyes.

I love that she had an adventurous life. Her adventures inspired me to live my life. She has had a crazy life, and she lives it with grace. Every place I visit, I always try to call or Skype to keep her a part of the adventure.

I love that she doesn’t need anyone’s approval. There are so many people in the community I grew up in that need this. My mom is herself and doesn’t let anyone else stop her.

I love that she is strong. Despite everything she has been through, she is resilient. She survives and keeps on moving forward. She even puts up with my inappropriateness. And laughs at my jokes.

My mom is by no means perfect, but that is why I love her. It’s her imperfections that makes her so unique. They are what make it so easy for me to relate to her. Through her imperfectness, I learned to be me. Her flaws taught me how to thrive. Through her, I learned how to be happy.

My mother has suffered, struggled, cried, loved, and lived to ensure that I (and my sisters) could grow up strong and happy. She took on obstacles that we will never know about or even understand. All to provide us with a good life. I want her to know that I love her so much. I love her for the sacrifices she made, the mistakes, the imperfections, and the lessons she taught. Thank you so much.

I love you mom. And I never want you to forget it. You are amazing and worth so much. Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

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