A shout-out to my friends new and old

can i buy augmentin online If there is one thing people know about me, it’s how quickly I make friends. Everywhere I go, whether I am on holiday or at uni or at work, it doesn’t take long for me to make a few. One of my goals for the last week, and a yearly personal ritual, is to clean up my emails. I only keep about 3 years worth unless they are personal emails, which I only trash if they are unnecessary. This year, I found it necessary to do a deep clean of certain folders as they have largely been untouched during this yearly process. Needless to say, going through these has brought up many pleasant memories.

buy cytotec over the counter If I were to give a comprehensive detailing of my friends over the years, this post would likely be massive. Rather, I shall simply focus from 2002 to the present. This is how long I have had the current email I am cleaning. Despite only being 14 years in length, it still is filled with enough memories to make me nostalgic.

Today I went through three folders: my old church members stuff folder, patty’s stuff folder, and my other friends stuff  folder. Two were small folders thankfully, but there were a lot of nice memories in them. It’s crazy to think how many people come and go in a persons life. Some stick around for the long haul, some linger before eventually fading into the woodwork, and others are there short-term. As cheesy as it may sounds, I have loved them all.

Since this post is because of emails, I suppose I should give a few examples of memories. Most of the church member ones were from friends in Miami and Leicester. It’s crazy how many wonderful friends I had in those places. I had friends from work at The Original Steakhouse and Sports Theatre, friends from church, and even a few from university. Seeing movies with Mike, Manny, and Jess; church events with too many friends to name individually; dinners for the missionaries at Darren’s place; working out with Cole, Sam, and Harold; FHE at Darren’s in Miami and at Lynn and Rick’s in Leicester; ultimate frisbee at Uni; and so much more. Just writing these simple things brings the memories flooding back. 

Over the course of my life, I have had to learn some valuable lessons. I don’t make friends for the minute. I fully expect us to continue this relationship until one of us dies. At least I used to. I learned that not everyone is going to be my best friend. More importantly, I learned that not all friendships will last and that it’s ok. It has sucked, but it is true. Because of this I have learned to value my friends much more. Going through these folders has reintroduced the multitude of friends I once had who are no longer a part of my life. 

Whether these people are still in my life or not, I believe that each one was put into my life for some reason. I may never know that reason, but they all have affected me in some sense. They have all directed me to where I am now. They have taught me how to be a good person, to accept others, and to realise when it’s time to let go. Life has been an adventure filled with many people who have shared this journey with me. I wish I could have the opportunity to thank them individually. All I can do is publicly thank each one of you for being positive forces in my life. Thank you and I wish you all the best and my love.

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