2016 Goals

Growing up, my family would always sit down at the beginning of the new year and plot out our individual goals for the upcoming year. You never appreciate the exercise until you get older. Years later on my mission, goal making was something strongly stressed for us to do. Not simply to be successful in the mission field, but also to prepare us for making the most of life when we returned home. 

So here I am, in 2016, plotting out the upcoming 12 months. It’s easy to say I want to finish my book, or finish a video game, but saying something is flippant. Writing it down gives it substance and turns a desire into a goal. It makes you suddenly responsible to actually see it through. There is danger in making dreams visible. There is also beauty. The danger is the accountability to whether you complete it or not. The beauty is the sense of accomplishment and pride in seeing something through from concept to completion. 

So. My list of goals is going to follow the lessons I have learned in effective goal making. I will list the desire and then list sub-goals to detail how I will see the thing through. You’ll need to break down your journey into smaller steps in order to see how attainable it really is. So here goes.

2016 GOALS

1. Finish Book 2

  • Write 100 words a day (2900/3000/3100 minimum monthly) until completed
  • Once completed, send to trusted reviewers (Dane for sure) and break for a few days. Then revise at least one chapter a day until second draft finished.
  • Continue for third, fourth, fifth drafts until complete.
  • Draw up cover concept before sending to artist for cover creation
  • Publish and celebrate 😉

2. Write 52 (one a week) book/travel reviews (listed below)

3. Get back in ‘pre-return to America’ shape: 

Me in the best shape of my life 25 Aug 2014

4. See a new place or do something new every month (12 minimum)

5. Beat 1 video game a month (12 minimum)

  • Play 4 – 7 hours a week

6. Get caught up on the TV shows I want to watch (this is the big one):

  1. Arrow
  2. The Flash
  3. Naruto Shippuden
  4. Black Butler
  5. Gotham
  6. Hannibal
  7. Supernatural
  8. Grimm
  9. Game of Thrones
  10. X-Files
  11. Shield
  12. The Strain
  13. Bob’s Burgers
  14. Salem
  15. iZombie
  16. Daredevil
  17. American Horror Story
  18. Hemlock Grove
  19. Demon King Daimao
  20. Jessica Jones
  21. Sleepy Hollow

7. Finish cross-stitch by end of October

  • Do 8 squares a month

8. Learn spanish

  • Tape words in spanish on objects
  • Practice with Jeffry
  • Do a 2-3 courses a week on busuu.com

As can be seen, I’m not taking 2016 sitting down. Naturally, there is a ton of other things I’ll be doing. I’m gonna read a ton, get on with my career, and I’m sure a lot more will pop up as the year continues. These are the main ones though. As you can see from yesterdays post, I will be keeping a constant tab on my progress. I am highly hopeful of this year and I am excited to see my progress. Wish me luck 😉

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